Friday, 24 May 2013

Party time, a welcome to Kobe

The big day finally arrived! Today was our turtley awesome party day to celebrate and officially welcome our pet turtle 'Kobe' to our class!  Now that we have found a name to call him/ her we thought that it was only fitting to let our hair down a little.  It was also a little celebration for all the hard work we have been doing!

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who entered our "Name Our Turtle" competition over the last week! We had a fantastic response with well over 50 entries being received from students across the school and even some parents which was great!

The competition was very close with plenty of great names being put forward.  Some notable entries were Bubbles, Webster, Warby and the very popular Franklin being entered several times.  The creativity shown with all the entries was excellent and being around the general buzz of the competition was great fun.  We've had many visitors in our classroom coming to say hello to our new little buddy and plenty of interest in what the winning name is.

But with all the entries given there can still only be one winner and this winner really stood out.  The winning entry showed some creativity and resourcefulness in his entry, using Google to research foreign languages.  He managed to discover that 'Turtle' translates to 'Kobe' in Swahili!! An unbelievable discovery, that fits perfectly to our male or female turtle.  So a big welcome to Kobe our pet turtle!

And an even bigger congratulations to Thomas in Foundation for coming up with the winning entry!  Thomas has won himself VIP tickets to the Grade 1/2 naming ceremony where he will be the special guest at our class party this Friday!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mansfield Zoo

Recently we joined the prep students and headed to the Mansfield Zoo for our junior school excursion. we had a great time and saw some amazing animals up close and personal.  We had the opportunity to feed many of the animals by hand (or shovel), there were big mouths, small mouths and some mouths we're glad we didn't get too close too!

Here's a short video to show you what we got up to...

A special thanks to all the parents who came along to help out on the day!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Competition Time!

Today 1/2 L welcomed a new member to their class.  Excitement had been building for some time as all students knew that our latest addition was on the way and due to arrive any day now.  A handful of students even spent their lunch time yesterday preparing and washing to get ready for the arrival.

So when everyone arrived early this morning there was only one place they wanted to look... the fish tank.  What was going to be there? Who was this new class member?  Was it really an alligator like Mr Lorback said?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Capacity, a maths experiment.

Lately we have been investigating capacity as part of our maths lessons and the best way to do this was to get hands on and test things out.  We have learnt that capacity is the space inside an object, in other words, how much we can fit into a container.  Read on to find out how we went about this.